The difference between classic, volume and blended lashes

Difference between volume, classic, and blended lashes

Classic- Classic lashes are a 1-1 ratio so that means for every natural lash you have is how many lash extensions I put on. This is nice for people who want a more natural look.


Volume- Volume is anywhere from 2-6 lash extensions put on one natural lash. They are a much thiner lash than the classic lashes which is why I can put multiple on each lash. *this is not cluster lash I hand make each fan. NEVER get cluster lash they are terrible for your lashes and can cause long term damage to your lashes :(* Volume is good for people who want very dramatic lashes (like myself) or even for people who want something a little natural but with less maintenance.  


Blended- Blended is a mix of volume lashes and classic. I put some classic lashes on and some hand made fans. Blended is good for people who don’t have a lot of natural lashes and want a more full look but still want it to look natural. Or for people who have lots of natural lashes and want a little more dramatic look.


If you are ever wondering which look would suit you best feel free to send me an email or text and we can decide which would work best with the look you are trying to achieve :)