My favorite products for Glowy, Dewy skin

A key ingredient to look for in a skincare product to make your skin look fresh, youthful and glowy is…Glycolic Acid. Why?This is an amazing ingredient for exfoliation. It helps get that top layer of dead dry skin off to reveal the brighter more fresh skin underneath. It also helps with acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, skin discoloration, and dull skin. Exfoliation is the most important part to getting fresh skin with a glow. 

Here are some of my go to products

-First aid beauty resurfacing liquid 10% AHA $55.00

    This product is a serum. I use it after I have taken off my makeup, cleansed, and toned my skin. This product is amazing because it has a multi acid AHA blend of glycolic, lactic, tartic, and malic acids. They work together to help exfoliate the skin and give you younger looking skin. I don’t  necessarily need the aging benefit quite yet being I’m only 20 but its never too early to start using anti aging skin care am I right? Haha!
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-LANEIGE water sleeping mask $25.00

    Sleeping masks in general are just amazing for your skin. Especially in these cold months if you live in snowy cold weather like I do. This mask has six ingredients that are referred to as “moisture-maximizing minerals” zinc, manganese, magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassium. They help the moisture penetrate deeper and quicker into the skin. I use this as the last part in my night time skincare routine. Also do not use this every night, this is a product I use about 1-2 times a week. Usually on nights that my skin looks like it needs some more moisture. 
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-Dermalogica daily microfoliant $55.00

    This exfoliator is gentle enough to use every day (hence the name daily micofoliant) but I love it cause it has little beads in it that really make you feel like you are getting off that extra dead skin. There is something just so satisfying about scrubbing your skin and knowing you are getting all the gunk and dirt off of it. This is a rice based enzyme powder and it activates with water. So when you pour it on your hand it will just be powder and then I get my other hand wet and start rubbing it in my hands till it turns into a paste then scrub my face. This product also has salicylic acid in it which means it is also really good for people who have acne or texture on their skin. I love this product because it is really good for any skin type.

-Tan luxe illuminating self tan drops $49.00

    Now this product doesn’t have really any ingredients that are targeted towards helping make your skin more bright or helping to exfoliate but what it does do is it helps give a little bit of color to your skin. It helps so much in the winter months where I don’t get much sun cause its so darn cold! I mix about 3 drops in with my moisturizer nightly and I wake up with a beautiful glow! Most of the time I don’t even wear foundation anymore. I get the medium/dark one which I highly recommend over the light/medium one because I don’t think the light/medium would give much color.
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-Drunk elephant Protini™ Polypeptide Cream $68.00

    I have tried lots of moisturizers and this one is one of my favorites. It feels so luxurious on the skin and really makes your skin feel plump and very moisturized. It leaves me with a very nice glow to my skin as well
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Those are some of my favorite products to achieve a beautiful glow to my skin. Along with using good skincare products with the proper ingredients it is also important to make sure you are drinking plenty of water daily! I know this can be hard, trust me I need to remind myself to drink more water on the daily haha. But what I found helps for me is getting a cute water bottle/tumbler and I usually get one that has a straw cause I tend to drink more water if it has a straw.. maybe thats common or maybe I’m just weird hahaha but whatever works for you to drink more water! Hope you guys enjoyed this post and either found some new products you wanna try or just learned a little something extra :) 


What are some of your favorite skincare products?